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Photonics-Powered. AI-Enabled.

Bringing the power of photonics and AI to understanding life's building blocks 


Introducing VEGA, the Next Generation Cell Analysis Technology

Breakthrough photonics and AI integration for high-precision mapping of cell structure and function

Incredible Accuracy

The first technology with the promise to identify a unique cell among billions

Accessible Assays

Fast, affordable and, easy to run assays make continuous monitoring of cell evolution possible

Multi-faceted Insights

Measuring and tracking cell functional, structural and dynamical properties simultaneously 

Scalable Platform

Multiplexed test runs and  cloud-based AI platform for ultimate scalability 


Our Story

CellsBin was born from a heartache known to many, watching loved ones grapple with late-diagnosed cancer, endure grueling treatments, and live shadowed by the specter of recurrence. ​

We are a cutting-edge VC-backed startup founded by a team of industry veterans and renowned experts in the fields of photonics, molecular biology, and AI. We are proud to be supported by a network of world-class advisors who bring their scientific, clinical, and business expertise from prestigious institutions such as MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, Caltech, and many others. Located in New Haven, CT and blocks away for the Yale campus, our laboratory serves as the hub for our groundbreaking research and development efforts.

CellsBin AI

Imagine finding a single cell of interest among billions of others. 

What can the CellsBin advantage do for your patients and your research?

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